Without vaccine and worldwide ignorance about the magnitude of Covid-19, the first steps taken by science around the world were trial and error. Spreading across the planet at a great speed, with all countries lacking adequate hospital infrastructure to face a pandemic with no date to end, the number of deaths has been growing ominously since then reaching the mark of more than 1.6 million victims worldwide and more than 180,000 in Brazil.

The who has been trying to capitalise on the process of combating this real scourge, but facing clashes of a political and economic nature and denialism. Meanwhile, helpless populations, facing conflicting information, pay with lives.

The guidelines for maintaining social distancing, correct use of protective masks and correct asepsis of the hands have not been rigorously observed, causing a greater number of fatalities.

Understandable the confrontation of the open breast pandemic by many, simply for lack of option. They are people who need to make use of public transport to work, who reside in small dwellings housing large family contingents, who do not have the resources to buy alcohol gel and even masks. And, not infrequently, unaware of elementary principles of hygiene.

The economic pressure from state and municipal governments, entrepreneurs and merchants, the unemployed as a result, is enormous. In addition to this situation, the unconsciousness of unbelieving populations of the warnings of health authorities, but that believing in criminal discourses increase the number of infected by the virus, potential vectors that are for contamination on an exponential scale.

Governments and politicians act and react by giving one in the harpsichord and the other in the horseshoe. They seek to “harmonize interests” as statistics grow!

What is most surprising is that with all the information that science disseminates daily, entire populations, around here, face crowded beaches, crowded streets, endless ballads and even clandestine with the greatest tranquility and, why not, irresponsibility.

As we are all endowed with free will – or freedom – it would be better to let life “run normally” as if nothing were happening, making the joy and happiness of many: governments, politicians, businessmen, denialists.

After all, if you go to the doctor for contagious treatment, do not follow him and worsen – or die – the responsibility is only yours and anyone else’s. Or not? He regrets only those around him!

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